Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I wear?

A.  Comfortable clothing, Rubber soled flat shoes are recommended for your comfort and safety. No heels, flip flops, or bare feet please. Sneakers or boat shoes are always a safe bet. Except for during the dog days of summer (think 90+ degrees), a light jacket or hoodie is a good idea.  Also remember the sunscreen! The summer sun will cook you fast, and it can get cool on the water during an evening cruise. .

Q. Do you allow marriage proposals on board?

A. Absolutely! What could be more romantic than popping the question on a beautiful sailboat at sunset or anchored in a quiet spot of Historic Branford Harbor? Just you, your sweetie, and your own private Captain. You’ll have the entire sailboat to yourselves. Let us help you with some creative ideas.

Q. Will the sails be up?

A. In the river & harbor, no. But for everything else, you bet! I want to sail too. However, your safety and comfort take top priority. Sometimes the wind or sea state make it unsafe. Therefore, it’s at the Captain’s discretion.

Q. Can I bring a pet along?

A. No. While we love pets, (we have one ourselves), they’ll be happier at home.

Q. How about our kids, can they come?

A. Absolutely! 8 and older is recommended and they will have a great time. You never know, we might even let them steer for a bit! It’s important to know however that they must remain seated during the cruise.  Your children’s safety is our utmost concern.

Q. Do you provide any food or drink?

A. Food no, but iced cold bottled water, soda, and ice tea are included in your cruise at no charge. Please feel free to bring snacks, sandwiches, or anything else you would like to eat or drink.  Soft sided padded coolers are preferred to bring aboard.

Q. Is smoking allowed?

A. At the marina, yes. On the boat, no. You’ll be sitting next to a 3 gallon gas tank!

Q. How far in advance should you book a boat? 

A. For weekdays, 3-5 days is normally fine. For weekends, call a week in advance to get the cruise you want.

Q. How early should I get to the marina?

A. 10-15 minutes is fine. That way you’ll have a chance to park, have a look around the marina, use the bathrooms, and get comfortable for your cruise.