Intro to Sailing

This is for those who have dreamed of sailing and owning a boat of their own. Never sailed before? Great! Then this is the charter for you where you will learn some sailing basics. We’ll spend some time at the dock going over the boat, show you how to hoist the sails, and get the sailboat under sail power. We’ll also show you the different points of sail, how to tack, jibe, and hold a course plus more. Victoria is a great boat to learn the basics on due to her size and stability on the water.  I sure wish something like this was available when I was thinking of getting into sailing. This intro to sailing will give you a good idea whether or not this is for you. Either way, you’ll have a blast learning something new.

  • Intro to Sailing Duration: 2+ hours  $179.00
  • Prices are for up to 2 people maximum
  • Reservations require a deposit to secure your date.